The start of the year is often seen as the time to reflect and think of new ways to improve your lifestyle and the lives of those around you. Many of us will aim to better our health, improve our relations and take on more exciting adventures throughout the year ahead. Travelling is a great way to achieve these aims and it has never been easier to find your way to new places, however far away. If 2016 is the year for you to make the most of time spent with family and friends and broaden your horizons, here are some of the top travel resolutions which are achievable and won’t break the bank:

Try something new

Whether you explore a completely different country you’ve never visited, take your first cruise trip or find a new city close to home, it’s simple to try something you haven’t experienced and seek a new travel destination. It’s not always best to play it safe, even if you enjoy going to the same place every year – going somewhere out of your comfort zone could open up new opportunities and you may find you never want to leave!

Become travel savvy

Discount sites and travel offers make travelling on a budget easier than you may think. If you’re travelling alone or in a small group, you might be more flexible to take advantage of deals by going at off-peak times. For larger parties there are still many ways to save on travel, from group and advanced bookings to transportation. For UK trips or for getting to airport or cruise destinations, we offer a great range of minibuses and coaches that cater for 16 to 53 people. With our experienced drivers, this is a great option if you want to explore new places with family and friends without hassle, or get where you want for less, for events or occasions.

Make travel more meaningful

Travelling can show you amazing scenes, but it’s not all about getting the best photos to share with your family and friends. Every destination will have its unique culture, history and heritage, which can give you more meaningful memories. If you’ll be travelling this year, be sure to learn about the area you’ll be visiting and its specific features of interest, for a more involved experience and longer-lasting impressions.


Travelling offers the best opportunity to try out fun activities and take on an adventure, whether you’re in the UK or going abroad. Camping, climbing, hiking or taking part in water sports, can be done with groups of any size, for differing budgets and as a short or day activity.

Be spontaneous

Although planning well in advance for your travels may save you money, more people are benefiting from spontaneity, choosing destinations on a map with their eyes closed, or buying a ticket for a surprise destination. Being spontaneous may mean that you’ll enjoy going to places you would never have considered, and you can also find last minute deals that will make the idea more approachable.

Wherever you plan to travel this year and whatever your travel needs, Airlynx Express offer vehicle transfer solutions to help you reach your destination on time, in budget and stress free, with a personalised and quality service. See how we can help you tick off your travel resolutions this year, by calling us on 02380 736823.

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